• Dimensions:

    83x65x12 mm

  • Expiry date:

    24 months

16 fruit pills in many flavours and colours

  • packed in transparent blisters sealed with silver, unprinted pharmaceutic foil
  • inside cardboard boxes with promotional print*
  • colours and flavours of the pills can be individually picked or mixed
  • the boxes can also include client’s inserts (up to 62x80mm in size)
  • also available in boxes made of gold or silver cardboard, with logos, graphics and texts embossed directly into the box
  • for large quantities the pharmaceutic foil can be printed with 1-2 colour “wallpaper” (additional fee applies)

* Due to visual similarity to medical drugs and existing regulations on sweets promoting medicine, the graphical design must indicate that the box contains sweets and not medical drugs.

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