• Content:

    Jelly Pack Heart 10 g (strawberry) or Heart Candies 3 g (cherry) or Mini Bar 10 g or Spice – Caramel Cookie 5,5 g

  • Package option:

    foil or 100% biodegradable foil (does not apply to Mini Bar 10 g)

  • Dimensions:

    100 x 60 x 10 mm

  • Products in carton:

    150 pcs

  • Expiry date:

    8 months – Mini Bar 10 g 6 months – Jelly Pack Heart, Spice – Caramel Cookie 12 months – Heart Candies

  • Printing options:

    Karte, Mini Schokotafel 10 g – digitaldruck Folie – flexodruck

Sweet Voucher – with four different types of content to choose from – is a perfect solution for fairs, events or other occasions at which we would like to provide customers with some more information rather than just the regular, sweet “nice to see you” gift. The Sweet Voucher may become a name card or a discount coupon. It may also serve as an invitation to a specific event.

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