• Content:

    50 Mini Lollipops or 500 g of candies

  • Package option:

    paper laminated with glossy or mat foil foil or 100% biodegradable foil

  • Dimensions:

    130 x 85 x 200 mm

  • Products in carton:

    10 pcs

  • Printing options:

    offset printing

Different occasions, different needs, a clear message? Display Mini (for 200 g of candies), Display Midi (for 300 g of candies) and Display Optima (for 500 g of candies) – also available in a Vegan version (only with Candy Pack candies packed in transparent foil, with no customisation). Displays are packaging types that are preferred by customers attaching great attention to clear exposure of the advertising message. The objective is achieved thanks to the large advertising space, and to the personalized nature of the message.

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