• Flavour:

    ruby, milk or dark chocolate 72% cocoa

  • Package option:

    Foil: silver , gold

  • Dimensions:

    40 x 34 x 7 mm

  • Products in carton:

    500 pcs

  • Expiry date:

    8 months

  • Printing options:

    digital printing

A small bar of chocolate boasting a simple, elegant shape. A perfect choice for various types of events. Available with 3 different types of chocolate: silky, palate-pleasing milk chocolate, savory and aromatic dessert chocolate containing 72% of cocoa, and ruby chocolate offering an exquisite, fruity flavor. Neapolitans are available in several different forms – not only as separate bars, but also in envelopes containing 3 or 5 bars each.

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