• Content:

    hard candy with fruits or herbs (approx. 3 g)

  • Flavour:

    raspberry, orange, mint or thyme

  • Package option:

    foil or 100% biodegradable foil

  • Dimensions:

    50 x 25 mm

  • Products in carton:

    5 kg

  • Expiry date:

    12 Months

  • Printing options:

    flexo printing

  • Additional information:

    optimum logo size: 30 x 20 mm

If you would like to be noticed and remembered, we recommend highly innovative product. As the only ones on the market, we present candies with pieces of fruits and herbs embedded. Heart Candies Plus are delicious heart-shaped candies that do not contain artificial colours. Their delicate colour is due to natural herb and fruit extracts: raspberries, oranges, mint and thyme. Natural additives are fun for the palate and allow us to enjoy intense real flavours. You will find them in several versions, in the form of individually packed candies and in larger packages containing 80 g and 90 g of candies.

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