• Dimensions:


  • Expiry date:

    12 months

Delicious and unique fortune cookie.

paper text stripe (60 x 12,5 mm) with message placed inside each cookie
in standard – up to 5 different messages per order
each message written with standard font
maximum standrs message length – 125 signs including spaces
cookies packed individually in coloured foil without logo (one foil colour per order)
12 foil colours to choose from: black, silver, gold, transparent, red, green, white, pink, brown, blue, purple and orange
ingredients in 6 languages: English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian printed on the back of the bag
additional options: different font or colour of the font, logo on a text stripe, print on both sides of the stripe, double- size text stripe, additional foil colour per order, more than 5 messages per order

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