• Content:

    chocolate ribbon 9 g

  • Flavour:

    ruby chocolate

  • Package option:

    foil or 100% biodegradable foil

  • Dimensions:

    100 x 45 mm

  • Products in carton:

    200 pcs

  • Expiry date:

    8 months

  • Printing options:

    flexo printing

A pink ribbon is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness. It is used by institutions, organizations and those participating in initiatives aiming to improve the health of women. The ribbon is designed to draw attention to the problem of preventing, detecting and treating cancer, but also to the importance of post-treatment care. To celebrate the occasion, we have expanded our portfolio to include a ribbon made of ruby chocolate. Some profits made on selling each ribbon are transferred to a foundation that promotes the knowledge about breast cancer prevention. Our Pink Ribbon is made of pink chocolate manufactured based on ruby cocoa seeds, without any coloring agents or flavorings added. The fact that the product may be packaged in 100% biodegradable foil is another advantage.

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